CUSMA Information Centre

The major significant changed from USMCA to NAFTA lie in the automotive, dairy, and textile sectors as well as a change in low-value threshold and deminimis. Complete USMCA details can be found here. Unlike NAFTA, USMCA does not have an official form to fill out but instead only a minimum set of data element are required (whether they be on the commercial invoice or on a separate document) outlined below:

  1. Indicate the Certifier (Importer, Exporter or Producer).
  2. Name, Address (including country) and Contact Information of the Certifier.
  3. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Exporter (if different from the certifier).
  4. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Producer (if different from the certifier, or exporter).
  5. Name, Address and Contact Information of the Importer.
  6. Description and HS Tariff Classification (6 digit level) for the Goods (include invoice# if known).
  7. Origin Criterion for the Goods, as set out in Article 4.2: Originating Goods of the CUSMA Rules of Origin.
  8. Blanket Period (date range up to 1 calendar year).
  9. Authorized Signature and Date.
  10. The certification* will need to be signed and dated by the certifier and accompanied by the following statement: "I certify that the goods described in this document qualify as originating and the information contained in this document is true and accurate. I assume responsibility for proving such representations and agree to maintain and present upon request or to make available during a verification visit, documentation necessary to support this certification."

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